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Megan Moser shares her Leadership Lab Presentation

Megan recently shared her Final Presentation from her participation in the Leadership Lab program by Compass Point Consulting to everyone here at MKSD. We enjoyed a pizza lunch while listening and participating in her presentation entitled, “Self-Awareness in Leadership”.

Her presentation contained information on self-awareness and the different ways we react to situations in both our work lives and our everyday lives. She explained ways in which self-awareness can be a positive trait in our leadership skills and how our reactions can be a detriment in some situations.

MKSD is all about values. Our six core values are posted on the wall to be seen every day when we enter the employee entrance. They are perseverance, fearlessness, passion, honesty, selflessness and progressive thinking. Megan had everyone participate in an activity that narrowed down our personal values to the top three. It was interesting to see what was important to everyone and it was surprising how much people’s values matched their personalities.

Thank you for sharing your presentation with us Megan. And congratulations on finishing your Leadership Lab.

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