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Do you have a favorite childhood Christmas gift ?

We’re sure everyone is busy with last minute shopping and preparing for Christmas with your family this week, but at MKSD we want to take a few minutes to reminisce about Christmas celebrations from our childhood.  So, we asked the team: “What was your favorite Christmas gift that you received as a child?”  Check out all the great memories from Christmas past and we hope you are on Santa’s nice list this year.

Brett – “When I was 15, I got my first ever snowboard, and I always thought the print was very cool on it, I had it and was using it up until 2 years ago when it magically disappeared, not a clue what happened to it. Just bad luck I suppose.”

Susan – “A Blue Dutch rabbit when I was 12 years old. His name was Barney.”

Ryan – “This sweet motorcycle!”

John – “Mine was a leopard seat Huffy Dragster II 3-speed. Yea baby…held the record in my hood as wheelie king > ¼ mile!”

Silvia – “I had a blue one like that with the banana seat! That was replaced by … My favorite gift which was a black and gold Vista Carrera 7 I received from my parents in 7th grade. My Dad took me to the bike shop and let me pick out any bike I wanted, and this is what I chose. Strictly for the aesthetics. I loved the double bar frame detail and the gold lettering. It gave the bike a bit of a glamourous touch without compromising it’s aggressive, sporty feel. The name made me feel like I had the Italian sports car version of a 10 speed. I was constantly detailing (with car wax even) it in the driveway of our house and riding it all over the neighborhood we lived in in Orange Park, Florida. I thought I was pretty cool with these wheels, except for the time when I was watching some boys, got distracted and went flying over the handlebars!

It still hangs in my parents’ garage.”

Scott – “My first golf club that wasn’t a hand-me-down from my older brothers.  It’s taken quite the beating over the past 20+ years, but still has a lot of life left in it for my son Rowan to use. “

Nick – “I’m pretty sure I lost my mind when I found the original Nintendo Entertainment System under the tree! I may have left some presents unopened for a while as I abandoned them to play it all morning.”

Andrew – ‘The Nintendo 64 was mine, for sure. GoldenEye 007 was the best game. “

Jack – “The Gameboy Advance SP for sure.  Got it when I was about 11.  Parents hid it behind the tree in a larger box, lost my mind when I opened it.”

Peter – “There was always an extra gift under the tree, in different wrapping paper. It was that year’s Hess truck. My parents never told us who it was from. I spent MANY hours playing with the trucks, cars, planes, etc. “

Chris – “TYCO Overnight Freight HO Scale train set: Still have it, still runs.”

Justin – “The GI Joe Defiant Space Shuttle playset: I remember the box being taller than me. Took forever to assemble.”

Todd – “81 Schwinn scrambler.”

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