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Our Process

From the initial meeting through the ribbon cutting, our process determines success.

Step One

Interview and Initial

The most important phase of our process is sitting down with a client to listen to their needs. We not only begin to carve out the full scope and details of the project, but we also aim to cultivate an honest relationship built on communication.


Please contact us if you have any questions.

Step Two

Information Gathering and

Step two is a continuation of step one, as client needs and requirements are discussed further. The MKSD team begins to delve into the project by surveying the site and reviewing elevations. Applicable records are started as we contact the proper government agencies pertaining to land use and code requirements. MKSD follows strict pre-permit and permit procedures to ensure long-term success of the project.

Step Three

Schematic Design and

This critical phase is where the MKSD team begins to build beyond the building. This step explores the space and how it will be lived in. In generating preliminary designs, we incorporate the information from the first two steps. At this stage, we are bringing design concepts to the table. How the space is experienced and attainable big ideas are our focus. Plans and elevations are produced and material options start to become part of the discussion. There are numerous client meetings to keep lines of communication open.

Step Four

Design Development and
Permit Documents

As decisions continue to be made, the MKSD team develops the schematic drawings into permit documents. Drawings are refined, materials are decided on and details are ironed out. Information from consultants is coordinated and relevant code is incorporated into the project as we continue to be forward-thinking problem solvers.

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