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Siegfried Elementary School

With its regional population growing and its public school facilities becoming overcrowded, the Northampton Area School District hired MKSD architects to expand its Siegfried Elementary School. This historic facility, built in the late 1800s, was last renovated in 1999. Existing conditions for the school included outdated mechanical and electrical systems, undersized classrooms, not enough teaching spaces for current programming, a kitchen that was not full service, outdated toilet rooms, and a lack of storage.

The additions featured 56 prefabricated modular pieces for a 15-classroom addition. Site work included reworking the site to separate vehicular traffic (buses and parent and staff traffic) from pedestrian traffic. Additional parking was designed, along with new access to the parking area from Erdosy Street.

MKSD designed upgrades to meet all program requirements for Siegfried Elementary School, including: