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Krupp Park Amphitheater

Quakertown’s new Krupp Park is located on the historic Krupp Foundry site. As part of a Master Plan for the new park, the former brownfield site was redeveloped, featuring over a mile of paved trails, landscaping, a fountain, public restrooms and concession stand, and an amphitheater. Nestled elegantly in the park grounds, the outdoor amphitheater creates a striking focal point. It serves as the borough’s premier outdoor venue for events, concerts and live performances, community festivals and fundraising events for local non-profit organizations.

Rising out of the natural landscape the masonry, cast-in place concrete and steel structure is a dynamic reaction to the site’s historic character and existing context. The long masonry stage wall references the existing rail line by running parallel to it.

With almost a 1,000 square feet of space, the main stage area can accommodate a variety of small performances, including the Quakertown Band. The equipment room provides storage for chairs and other miscellaneous items, and performers have access to the toilet room when the venue is in operation. Wheelchair accessibility is provided via the paved walkway at the east of the amphitheater; a concrete pad on the east side of the stage provides a hard surface for viewing performances.

The variety of building materials – masonry, cast-in-place concrete and metal panel cladding – contrast and complement each other. They also create a changing backdrop as you move in and around the amphitheater.

The opposing roof slopes, also known as a butterfly roof, are a dramatic gesture against the horizontal nature of the landscape. The spine of the roof divides the structure into two separate stages.