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MKSD’s Holiday Spirit of Giving

Inspired by the generosity of others, the MKSD team got into the holiday spirit by taking part in a “giving project”.  Each employee was provided the opportunity to donate $100 to a charity of their choice.  We believe in giving back to our community and hope to inspire others to do the same!

Allentown School District Foundation

“The ASD Foundation’s mission is to encourage, promote, support and fund positive educational experiences for students in the Allentown School District. I chose to support the Foundation this year because school districts with the highest rates of poverty receive less funding per student than their suburban counterparts and the ASD Foundation does a wonderful job of supporting programs that impacted more than 9,000 students last year.” – Susan

Lily’s Hope Foundation

“This organization is meaningful to me because they support babies, children, and their families with unexpected and urgent needs due to premature birth. They support NICU families by providing them with essential items since they have been unable to prepare for their child’s early arrival. Our twins were born premature and needed NICU support, so I fully understand and appreciate the support Lily’s Hope provides.” – Nick

Monroe County Historical Association

” A good neighbor. A good cause. A good client.” – John

Grand Batten Fighter

Garrett is the son of a childhood friend.  Their family has shared their heartbreaking journey through this regressive fatal disease in effort to bring about more awareness of the rare diseases that so often are overlooked by government funding.  This holiday, I’m honoring Garrett, Nancy, and the rest of the Coyne family by supporting their fight so hopefully, one day, no other family has to go through the long agonizing process of watching their child deteriorate from Batten Disease.” – Jessica

K9s for Warriors

“K9s For Warriors is dedicated to providing service canines to our warriors suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, and/or Military Sexual Trauma as a result of military service post-9/11. Our goal is to empower them to return to civilian life with dignity and independence.” – Scott

Children’s Dyslexia Center of Allentown

“My charity this year will be the Allentown Dyslexia Center. To a child with dyslexia, communication can be a monumental task. The Dyslexia Center helps local children learn to overcome these obstacles by teaching them to process language and communication skills – that we often take for granted. All of this is done free of charge to the children and their families, through donations like these. I feel privileged to be able to help in a small way. Thank you to MKSD for resurrecting this program!” – Ray

Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley

“I am grateful for the work Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley does to combat the affordable housing crisis by providing safe and affordable housing for our community.  I have been involved with Habitat as an employee, volunteer, and committee member for over 10 years and have experienced first-hand the impact this organization has on communities, families and volunteers – it is nothing short of awe-inspiring.” – Megan

Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary

“I am donating to this organization because I have followed their work for quite a while now and have witnessed the amount of hard work and dedication that their team puts towards saving and rehabilitating animals.  As an animal advocate and lover, their work means a lot to me.  They also recently had a fire destroy one of their barns, so I know this donation will be appreciated towards the rebuild of a new one.” – Codi

Third Street Alliance for Women & Children

I am involved in fund-raising for this charity because they help Easton area women and children get back on their feet, to become productive members of the community.  Their success stories are inspiring and gratifying.” – Barb

The Sanctuary at Haafsville

My wife Becky and I have been volunteering at the Sanctuary since 2016.  Over this time, we have seen the positive impacts that this organization makes to allow the dogs and cats to be comfortable and safe as they wait for their forever home.” – Ryan

Nazareth Food Bank                            

It is important that I support others living in my community. Since I have lived in Nazareth my entire life, I am choosing to donate to the Nazareth Food Bank in order to provide meals for the local families that are in need.” – Ali

Red Rock Rescue

“Red Rock Rescue, Inc .is a 5013C rescue committed to saving dogs in need. They provide boarding and care to homeless and abused/neglected animals within Northeast PA. Although this is not the rescue we adopted Crosby through, we will adopt our second dog from Red Rock. They rescue a lot of Australian Cattle Dogs, which happens to be the breed of Crosby.” – Andrew

Cancer Research Institute

“I lost my mother 18 years ago to a rare cancer. Hopefully continued research will help to cure it someday.” – Justin

National Pancreas Foundation

I selected this organization because my grandmother died from Pancreatic Cancer and it is very difficult to treat Pancreatic Cancer after the onset of symptoms.  Additionally, I have suffered a number of times from Acute Pancreatitis.  I’m hoping that research one day will lead to a better understanding of the pancreas and how to treat these two diseases.”  -Chris

Alex’s Lemonade Stand

“Alex was diagnosed with neuroblastoma before the age of one. When she was four, she started a lemonade stand in her front yard to help kids like her, raising over $2,000.00. By the time of her death at 8, she had raised $1 million. Alex is inspiring and selfless beyond measure, a true angel in our midst.” – Silvia

Lily’s Hope

This charity is important to me because, our twin boys were born 6 weeks early each weighing under 5 pounds and spending 17 days in the NICU.   While their premature birth was expected due to complications, it’s still a very difficult time, so I love the mission that Lily’s Hope brings to the local NICU families.” – Jill

Manito Equestrian Life Center


The Sanctuary at Haafsville


New Bethany Ministries


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