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MKSD Announces New Associate

MKSD is pleased to announce the recognition of Scott Focht, RA as an Associate of the firm.

An Associate is defined as someone that goes above and beyond the expectations and values that are typical of an MKSD employee. They have furthered the MKSD mission and contributed to the growth of our company.

Scott has been an invaluable MKSD team member since 2016.

He has demonstrated his strong architectural, management and leadership skills over the course of his career. As a Senior Project Manager + Architect, Scott has been a crucial team member on many different project types, always leading-by-example and demonstrating an incredible work ethic.    He is also committed to fostering the development of junior staff members, always willing to teach others and offer guidance throughout the design and construction administration processes.

His positive attitude is outstanding, as well as his technical and management skills. He has helped MKSD advance in the state and federal government, healthcare, commercial and industrial/logistics/manufacturing sectors of our industry. Scott was also critical to the implementation of REVIT software within our office.

Scott steps up to any challenge with a positive ‘get it done’ attitude and will no doubt continue to be a tremendous asset to MKSD.

I hope you’ll join us in congratulating Scott on his outstanding contributions to MKSD architects.

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