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Giving Project 2021

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Always inspired by the generosity of others, the MKSD team once again got into the holiday spirit by taking part in a “giving project”.  Each employee was provided the opportunity to donate $100 to a charity of their choice.  We believe in giving back to our community and hope to inspire others to do the same!

Here are the local and national charities that were chosen and a brief explanation about why.

Sarcoma Foundation of America     

“My father developed a tumor on his bicep when I was 14. He used to always joke and make fun like look how big my left gun is!, he would hang has arm out the window of the car and grip the outside of the car with the inside of his arm to emphasize how big it was. Finally got it checked out after a couple months and realized he wasn’t lifting wrong at all, but in fact was a cancerous tumor. after surgery and chemo, he has been cancer free for 10 years now. They Deserve every penny. “- Brett

Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation   

“My husband and I have a close friend who currently going through treatment for this cancer of the bile duct. It is considered rare because of the number of people each year it affects, which is why research is needed to find successful treatments and a cure.” – Susan


“Every donation has a special meaning to me, but this year’s donation may be the most personal one I have ever selected.   Three months ago, I heard the words no one wants to hear…”you have cancer”.  As you can imagine, your whole world gets turned upside down and you feel like you have lost control.    Thankfully, my breast cancer was found early (get your mammograms ladies!), but it still meant a long fight with multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation!  So, the charity I selected is Mandee’s Lunchbox.   Mandee’s Lunchbox provides gift cards for cancer patients going through chemotherapy.  Being able to grab a coffee or sandwich before or after treatment is a special treat!   I love their mission and generosity.  Chemotherapy affects you physically and emotionally, so these small gestures go a long way for people going through this difficult time.   I still to this day, do not know who nominated me, but I am forever grateful for their kindness.”  – Jill

American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

“Having learned so much more about breast cancer after Jill’s diagnosis, and seeing first-hand the effect that it has on people, I’d like to contribute to this great cause.  Making Strides was founded by The American Cancer Society to organize walking events for charity in various communities all over the nation. Donations not only raise money for cancer research, but also allows them to provide patient services like free rides to chemo, free places to stay near treatment, and a live 24/7 cancer helpline.” -Nick

Hosts for Hospitals                               

“Since 2000, HFH has been providing lodging and caring support to meet the housing needs of patients and their families coming to Greater Philadelphia for specialized medical care. The lodging is provided by volunteer Hosts who welcome into their homes, patient-families in need. HOSTS for HOSPITALS relies on donor support to make housing matches and foster a community of housing providers.” – Scott

Susan G. Komen Foundation

Donate to Susan G Komen to help fight breast cancer (

“This is in honor of Jill. She has handled her diagnoses of breast cancer with exceptional strength, bravery and courage. Where many would have crumbled, she has faced it head on with grace and determination, first and foremost for herself, Nick and her kids, but for all of us at MKSD too.” – Silvia

Breast Cancer Assistance Fund of the Lehigh Valley

“This year I am giving to the Breast Cancer Assistance Fund of the Lehigh Valley.  It is a unique fund of the LVHN charities that assists individuals in our community who are battling breast cancer by helping them to navigate their day-to-day challenges, where traditional support (like health insurance) falls short.  I have seen first-hand this year how difficult it is to deal with the daily challenges of life while fighting this ugly disease.  Simple things like making dinner for your family, cleaning one’s home, or getting a ride to radiation are simple tasks that someone going through breast cancer treatments shouldn’t have to stress about.” – Jessica

The Sanctuary at Haafsville                              

”My wife Becky and I have been volunteering at the Mutt Hut of the Sanctuary since 2017.  I am choosing this organization because I love how they give every dog a chance for a better life.  The Sanctuary continuously admits dogs from overcrowded kill shelters or areas of the country that were victim of a natural disaster.  Many of the dogs need expensive medical care in order to become adoptable.  Each donation enables the Sanctuary to get the sick animals the attention and care they need to eventually find their forever home.” – Ryan

Regional Cancer Care Charities                       

“Regional Cancer Care Charities (RCCC) helps to ease non-medical hardships for individuals and families affected by cancer.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to fight this disease without the added stress of struggling to make ends meet.  I am thankful to have the opportunity to give back to this organization in honor of my incredibly strong mom who is currently fighting (AND BEATING!!) cancer.” – Megan

Lily’s Hope Foundation                           

“It’s a local charity and a worthy cause that sometimes gets overlooked.” – Justin

Nazareth Food Bank

“It is important that I support others living in my community. I am choosing to donate to the Nazareth Food Bank in order to provide meals for the local families that are in need.” – Ali

Betty Lou’s Pantry                                       

“I have chosen this because they are linked to the Southern Lehigh Area Churches and serve the SL community where we live.  The founder and namesake, Betty Lou Clauser, was my husband’s Sunday School teacher!” – Katie

Camp Papillon Animal Shelter                          

“This year I decided to support another animal shelter in the area so they can continue providing help to homeless, neglected and abused animals.” – Anna

National Fish & WildlifeFoundation                                    

“As an avid fisherman, architectural designer, and one who loves the outdoors, it is important that we respect the environment that we share with not only our fellow humans but also our friends who live in the forests, rivers, and streams. However, as we all know there are some who do not. NFWF’s mission is to sustain, restore and enhance the nation’s fish, wildlife, and habitats, which is important when there are so many of us who enjoy fishing and the outdoors and would like to continue to pursue many of these hobbies and passions.” – Jack

Monroe County Historical Society                  

“While there are many wonderful not for profit organizations that work hard fulfilling the needs of society, few organizations connect current and future generations to the roots of our past like our local historical associations. I find it important to be aware of where we come from and how we arrived at this point in time. I believe if we are not aware of our history, we are likely to repeat our failings and miss opportunities for future successes. The Monroe County Historical Association is committed to serving and expanding that role in the Pocono Mountains.” – John

Code Green Campaign                         

I’ve served as an EMT for the past 12 years & have experienced some incredible moments, both positive and negative. The Code Green Campaign is a non-profit organization which was aims to assist first responders with their mental health during the negative moments. The Campaign aims to eliminate the stigma that prevents people from admitting these issues and asking for help.” – Andrew

The COCO Foundation                             

“The Foundation was started by my wife and her family in 2010 after our niece battled AND BEAT cancer as a 2-year-old.  They raise money for families with little ones fighting cancer and it’s pretty spectacular.” – Chris

Breast Cancer Assistance Fund of the Lehigh Valley

“For Jill.” – Todd

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