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2023 Giving Project

There are so many non-profit organizations that “fill the gaps” and provide resources where they are needed. When you choose to donate to these organizations, no matter how big or small, it really makes a difference in your community. The MKSD team is getting into the holiday spirit by once again taking part in our annual “giving project”.  Each employee was provided the opportunity to donate $100 to a charity of their choice.  We truly believe in giving back to our community and hope to inspire others to do the same!

Here are the local and national charities that were chosen and a brief explanation about why. We’ve included their websites so you can learn more.

Lily’s Hope Foundation                                 PREEMIES | Lily’s Hope Foundation (

I wanted to donate to the Lily’s Hope Foundation again this year, because of their mission statement to support babies, children, and their families with unexpected and urgent needs due to premature birth.  Our twins were born pre-maturely, and needed NICU attention.  The attentiveness and care provided by the NICU staff helped our children tremendously during those critical first days of their lives, which led to us being able to take them home shortly afterwards.  Some families are not as lucky, and are not prepared for their child’s early arrival.  The Lily’s Hope Foundation supports NICU families by providing them with essential needed items since they have been unable to fully prepare for a premature birth.  These include items that can often be expensive and difficult to find.  Even a small amount of assistance can be an enormous help to a set of new parents, who want nothing more than to care-for, protect, and love the new addition to their lives.” – Nick

Regional Cancer Care Charities                    

My mom passed away this past August from her battle with cancer.  She utilized this organization for her cancer treatments and always spoke so highly of the staff and their care for her during this time. This donation is in honor of her strength and positivity – we miss her every day.´- Megan

American Heart Association                                                             

“My family has been negatively affected by the dangers of heart disease, America’s #1 Killer. The American Heart Association is constantly looking for better treatments and methods for raising awareness of prevention.  Genetics is a big part in the health of the heart, but I think we all take for granted what our fast-paced life with bad eating habits and sub-par exercise can do.  This Christmas I hope we all go for one less cookie and one more walk!” – Jessica

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center                  

“Everyone deserves safety, belonging, and connection. The work of community centers like Bradbury-Sullivan remains vital to furthering equity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ folks in the Lehigh Valley and beyond.” – Laura

William Allen Arts Alliance                 

“This nonprofit is near and dear to me. I have been a board member, currently serving as the treasurer, for several years. We have raised funds to establish a computer graphics program, purchase sound equipment, send the Dance Academy on a field trip, and so much more. These things tend to be cut out of a school district budget when funds are tight, but they are so meaningful to a student’s educational experience. This year we are raising money to purchase new band uniforms. The uniforms they currently have are decades old. Support the arts! “– Susan

The Ellie Effect                                                                         

““The Ellie Effect was created to remember the life of Eliana Grace Hoffman, a brave little girl who battled a severe congenital heart defect from January 17, 2018 – April 2, 2018. The Ellie Effect organizes Care Bags for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Cardiac Unit, hosts local blood drives, and participates in fundraising for Ronald McDonald House Charities and The Children’s Heart Foundation. The Ellie Effect was created to honor Ellie’s life and to be the difference for those in need, especially those in the heart defect community.”  My wife and I can attest for how impactful the care bags are during unexpected stays at the cardiac center, and we thank Kim and Karl for their continual support towards the heart defect community. “ – Scott  

The Share Winter Foundation                          

As a self-proclaimed Child of Winter and AASI Certified Snowboard Instructor, my goal is to share my love of winter sports with all. Share Winter works closely with carefully with youth to build efficient, effective, sustainable winter sports programs and pathways to ongoing winter sports participation. Share Winter strives to make winter sports accessible to a broader, more diverse community, and share winter.” – Andrew

The National Canine Cancer Foundation                     

I am choosing The National Canine Cancer Foundation because Becky and I had to say goodbye to my beloved Daisy this past year.  Daisy was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in December 2022.  It was then I found out that 1 in 3 dogs will be diagnosed with cancer.  This is an alarming statistic.  This organization strives to eliminate cancer as a major health problem in dogs through education, outreach, and research.  Donations raised will help save lives through prevention, the development of accurate and cost-effective diagnostic methods and treatments.” – Ryan

The National Canine Cancer Foundation                      

“For our dog Lexi, who developed cancer and we had to say goodbye too soon.” – Jack

Fighting Pretty                                                   

Fighting Pretty is an organization that helps women battling all types of cancer, at any stage of treatment, they are strong, beautiful, fierce, and amazing.

 Personal Note:

“Fighting cancer is already one of the hardest challenges (I know!), both physically and emotionally!  The process is long with so many treatments and this affects your body and mind.  Organizations like Fighting Pretty help boost self-image and self-esteem when someone begins to feel like they are losing themselves and their pre-cancer “identity”.  I know from personal experience and was a recipient of Fighting Pretty’s ‘Pretty Packages’, and I would like to pay it forward to the next women starting their journey.” – Jill

Public Radio Station WDIY                                                            WDIY Donation Page (

“This year I chose to support community-run public radio. I find that our local station 88.1 WDIY can be a valuable resource for local news, events, businesses, assistance and of course music. Their variety of music and information makes the station a valuable and entertaining, free resource for people throughout the Lehigh Valley. I enjoy listening to discover upcoming events, local businesses and get to discover new music along the way.” – Peter

Holiday Hope Chests through the Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley

As a new mom, it is even more important to me this year that all local children receive a gift this holiday season.” – Ali


This year my daughter Julia, who is a senior at Allentown Central Catholic, started a club called ‘Vikings4Gold’. Their activities raise funds to benefit the ‘Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley.’ They also do activities such as ‘trunk or treat’ and Christmas gift giving for the children. I am so proud of Julia’s desire to do good things for others and to raise awareness of the needs of local families whose children are going through cancer treatments so my donation this year goes to ‘Vikings for Gold.’”

Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley                 

“I believe that all hardworking, low-income families deserve affordable housing, and Habitat has a great community of people who all put in a ton of work to make this possible. And after working with them while I was in school, it’s very evident how much of an impact Habitat has on these families.” – Declan

Alzheimer’s Association                                                                        

In 1995 my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and passed away in 2000.  At that time, it was fairly new and there were not many drugs to treat it like they do today.   My older brother was diagnosed with it in 2020 and passed last Christmas.  They need more funding to do better research and develop drugs that will help prevent.   I hope that this donation will make a difference in someone’s life so they don’t have to lose two loved ones.  Thank you so much from me and my family!” – Henry


“AWSOM is an animal shelter located in Stroudsburg. This is the shelter we adopted our two cats Smokey and Frosty.” – Anna

Habitat for Humanity                                                           

“I enjoy supporting Habitat for Humanity because of the nonprofit work they do supporting families in need of a stable and affordable housing.  Everyone deserves to have a place to call home, especially around the holidays!” – Xavier

Celtic Cultural Alliance                                              

“While everyone knows them for Celtic Classic, behind the scenes this organization has always done lot within the Lehigh valley to support Irish culture within the community.  They provide scholarships to volunteers and kids ages 8-18 who are actively involved in Irish arts. I was a past recipient of the scholarship and would love to see it continue and help out another Irish dancers and musicians.” – Cassidy

Animal Food Bank of the Lehigh Valley                                     

“Their mission statement is to “fill the bowl” for pets of low-income, senior and disabled residents who own pets. They distribute food directly to these families to try and keep pets in homes and out of shelters. They are located in Emmaus, PA.

As a pet owner myself I couldn’t imagine not being able to properly care for my Freyja, so I support their mission to help those care for their animals so that they can avoid potentially surrendering them to shelters. Shelters are already overpopulated as is and as a community I think it’s our responsibility to help and love all animals!” – Bella

Betty Lou’s Pantry                                                                

“Betty Lou’s Pantry is the local food bank in my area.” – Katie

Susan G. Komen

“Breast cancer has effected many of my family and friends over the years, most recently my sister.  She’s another survivor and this donation will help more people beat this awful disease.” – Chris

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