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Northampton Community College Cafeteria and Student Services

MKSD designed renovations for Northampton Community College’s Food Court and Student Services spaces in the College Center building. This project upgraded approximately 20,000 square feet of existing office, student activity, and club space and updated and expanded the food court’s food serving area and seating spaces. The existing food court and student services spaces were overcrowded, offered insufficient light, and provided for poor student flow through the building.

The Food Court’s new design increased the number and variety of seating to 450 seats and opened the serving area for more food choices. MKSD also improved the Food Court’s overall flow from the entrance to the seating areas and rearranged the entrance and exit for better traffic flow and increased security. MKSD’s designs refurbished the serving area and improved the general and decorative lighting throughout the Food Court.

For the Student Services spaces, MKSD’s design provided flexible as well as functional student spaces. The renovation created a collegiate and welcoming entrance from the Spartan Center building and connected the Food Court to the Student Services spaces. The program also improved the location and functionality of faculty and staff offices. The new design incorporated a variety of seating and gathering spaces, with soft seating, tables, booths, etc., and improved general and task-specific lighting throughout the space.