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Jaindl Farms Office Expansion and Renovation

Client: Jaindl Farms
Schedule: 2015 – 2017

With a vision to accommodate for the next family generation of growth and leadership the owner and president of Jaindl Farms contacted our firm with a desire to expand the original Jaindl Farms Office. Located in rural Orefield, Pennsylvania, the original modest one-story brick office building was built by the family patriarch. The renovated, now two-story office building sits low in a landscape of lush green fields and turkey sheds and against the backdrop of a feed mill.

The owner’s vision was to repurpose a salvaged barn frame for the structure of the addition. A large barn built around 1900 in Northampton County suited that purpose. A detailed BIM model of the existing frame was created and used to coordinate modifications between the architect, structural engineer, and the timber frame contractor.

Modifications to the existing timber frame were required to accommodate a second level for the office. The design intent for the interior of the project was to express the salvaged frame as a means of organizing the spaces within the barn and to create a space that embodies the family’s legacy of farming Lehigh Valley lands. It was also important to the owner that the completed project have a polished rustic feel and that the office space included modern day functional amenities.

Upon arrival into the barn from the new connecting corridor, the space expands vertically, exposing the massive volume of the original barn. A new stair allows easy access from the main corridor to the upper level that overlooks the corridor and conference room below. Programmatically, the upper level contains a workout space and an open office area, while the lower level includes a main conference room, several smaller private offices, and a large office for Mr. Jaindl.

The design team worked diligently to study the connection details of the original structure so that they could be applied to new timber entrance canopy structures on the exterior. Custom siding was milled from leftover timbers that once supported the trashing floor of the barn, and the existing barn’s siding was repurposed to clad the ceiling of the barn’s interior. The existing 3” thick barn thrashing floor was recovered, planed, and installed as the second-floor deck on top of reclaimed beams set on the timber frame structure. Barn doors were also salvaged from the original barn and carefully restored, along with the original hinge hardware, and hung as the doors to key spaces within the office.

This project was not just another typical office expansion. It became a meaningful family effort and labor of love that transformed the office for the future as well as a place to honor the Jaindl Family history and legacy.