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Department of General Services (DGS) Ryan Building

The Ryan Building is of historical and symbolic significance and along with the Capitol Complex is on the National Historic Register. The project program included replacement/repair of the 22,000 square foot roof, 2000 square foot monumental skylights and 243 wood windows.

Roof: Extensive research suggested that the existing higher sloped batten copper roofing may date from c. 1974-75, however physical inspection indicated that it may be older. Following an evaluation of areas where water was penetrating the roofing, an extensive survey and deconstructive evaluations was performed on many components of the roofing. MKSD determined several problematic details that required reconstruction to mitigate water infiltration into the building. Modifications and repairs to the roofing included: roof drains and associated sumps, perimeter gutter slopes, perimeter counter flashings and reglets, solder joints on some of the flat seam roofing, existing exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) on the annex elevator penthouse, and the joint between the batten seam roofing and flat seam roofing.

Skylights: The existing skylights on the original section of the Ryan Building had corrugated wired glazing. This type of glass has certain inherent detailing problems where layers of glass overlap and at the lower edge. Water infiltration was occurring at these points in driving rains and through cracks in the glass panels. Because corrugated wired glass is not readily available for replacement and the issue of severe heat gain in the summer, MKSD recommended replacement of the existing historic skylight system with a modern insulated glass and metal system.

Windows: The approach for the repair and refinishing of the existing mahogany window frames and sashes was a repair/replace-in-kind preservation approach. Carpenter bee damage was assessed and repaired, and the windows were refinished and re-sealed to prevent water intrusion and drafts.

The planning for the Ryan Building project included a well thought out construction plan that documented the site access, staging areas and building access for the contractors. The project was completed on time and on budget with no disruption to the important work taking place within the building – all within view of the governor’s office.