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ESU Schisler Wildlife Museum

The new Schisler Wildlife Museum of Natural History, located within East Stroudsburg University’s new Hoeffner Science & Technology Center, houses the Schisler family’s donated collection of wildlife and biological specimens, as well as the University’s existing collection. After MKSD architects designed the Science & Technology Center, East Stroudsburg University hired the firm to create this new space within the existing building.

MKSD’s designs also incorporate interactive technology, storyboards, specialty lighting, and specialized heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to be sensitive to the specimens and their preservation.

The Museum is utilized as University teaching space and provide an educational venue for school children to visit. The Schisler Wildlife Museum of Natural History is also open to the public on weekends.

The new Schisler Museum features three large dioramas, interchangeable display, a large aquarium, curator office space, storage space, and informal classroom space.