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Emmaus Police Station

In recognizing the importance of shaping the physical, intellectual and social environment in which borough residents and administrators work, the Borough of Emmaus engaged in a process to establish a vision for its borough hall and its development over time. MKSD architects analyzed existing conditions, tabulated existing space utilization, projected future space needs, and developed a Master Plan for physical improvements to the existing building and site. The Master Plan was based on the borough’s identified needs and developed as a dynamic tool to be reviewed, refined and updated over time. Its principles and guidelines articulate an enduring and timeless vision for the Borough of Emmaus.

As a result of the Master Plan, the Borough of Emmaus tasked MKSD with building a new 10,570 square foot police station facility located on an adjacent block to the existing borough hall. The new police station’s site placement also created a plaza to accommodate community events.

MKSD architects designed the building to USGBC LEED Green Building Standards. The facility features green materials, high windows for natural light that saves on lighting/electric costs, a highly reflective roof and a site location that allows natural light entry from the north side.

• Public reception area with the mayor’s office
• Administrative offices and work rooms
• Detective and sergeant offices
• Patrol squad room
• Secure detainee processing area
• Holding cells
• Interrogation rooms
• Evidence storage and processing labs
• Locker rooms
• Lounge
• Training room
• Garages