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Silvia Hoffman Participates in LVB “90 Ideas in 90 Minutes”

PHOTO/DOUGLAS KILPATRICK PHOTOGRAPHY/ Silvia A. Hoffman of MKSD architects advised the audience to create a culture that inspires employees.

PHOTO/DOUGLAS KILPATRICK PHOTOGRAPHY/ Silvia A. Hoffman of MKSD architects advised the audience to create a culture that inspires employees.

The “90 Ideas in 90 Minutes” event, in conjunction with the 16th Annual Lehigh Valley Business Expo,  featured nine of the Greater Lehigh Valley’s top executives presenting 10 of their best ideas for business success within 90 minutes. The challenge at the forum – “90 Ideas in 90 Minutes” held October 5th at the Agri-Plex Expo Center at the Allentown Fairgrounds – was for each to present their ideas in five minutes or less, or be interrupted by a buzzer. And they succeeded, for the most part.

Silvia Hoffman, founding partner of MKSD architects, was asked to participate and rose to the challenge.  Below is the list of Silvia’s 10 ideas that she presented:

  1. Create a culture that inspires others.

-The right environment gives people an opportunity to do amazing things

-Lead by example and go last

-Understand what motivates people

-Give them ownership over their work life, micromanagement is non-productive

-Remember to have fun. Life goes beyond work: Friday breakfast, happy hours

  1. Get the right people doing the right things.

-It’s all about talent

-Recognize value in others

  1. Remember, it’s not about you.

-Let go of your agenda

-Listen carefully & genuinely

-Take less credit and more blame

-Ideas should not be precious. Share them, don’t own them

-Let other people work on your ideas, they will only get better

– Be there for your clients, friends, family, and colleagues

  1. Leadership is not authority.

-The best leaders focus on others and their growth

-If you don’t care about the people you lead, they will not follow you

-Leadership is about trust, humility, service, concern and understanding. Foster those qualities and people will follow

  1. Don’t be afraid to make a hard decision.

-What’s the worst that could happen?

  1. We are all human, don’t forget to show it.

-Emotion is not a bad thing. They are the foundation of relationships

-If you are willing to do it for others, they will do it for you

-Protect each other, fear should not be a motivator

-Mistakes happen. Once you make one, step back and realize the freedom of ‘it won’t happen again’

  1. Ask for help.

-Starting a conversation with ‘I need your help…’ invites a great opportunity

-It’s ok not to know the answer, just say so

  1. Don’t be afraid to blow it up and start over.

-We do this all the time in design

-You either come up with a better idea or you affirm that your first idea was the best

  1. Know that hard times will happen.

-When they happen, be the first to make a sacrifice and others will follow suite

-Let everyone suffer a little so that no one has to suffer a lot, it results in trust and respect

-Sacrifice for others and they will sacrifice for you

  1. Support local businesses and give back to the community.

-“A rising tide lifts all boats”

-Find a cause: Canstruction, Habitat for Humanity, The Perfect Fit, VIA marathon



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