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MKSD Women Featured in The Morning Call

MKSD Partner Silvia Hoffman was featured ‘above the fold’ in The Morning Call article this Sunday, October 20th.  The article focused on female executives and described the obstacles women still face today as they aim for higher position in the workplace.

mcall silvia & jess

Silvia described the inspiration she received from her high school drafting instructor and the lack of support she received from her guidance counselor as she set the goal of becoming an architect. Now, with almost 20 years in the profession behind her, she reflects back on the fact that she never let working in a field primarily dominated by men hold her back for achieving her best.

Gabrielle Rizzi, MKSD Associate Partner, also shared the story of her career.  Though she left her full time position in architecture to care for her young children, she was able to continue to consult during that time. This made her transition back to the workforce at MKSD full time in 2007 much more fluid.

At MKSD, we support all of our employees in their pursuit of both professional and personal goals, as much as we support our clients’ projects goals. We have created an environment where the use of our skills and talents coupled with hard work and discipline lead to success for each one of us.

The article can be found at & includes a video of Silvia at work in our Allentown office.

mcall silvia & todd