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Fire Up Your Creative Juices

If you know anything about me, you know I like interiors and details.  I have found many websites for project inspiration, but one of my favorites for both residential and commercial design, is Houzz (  From using a material in a new and different way, to bringing nature into spaces, there are examples of it all.  I find ideas for professional and personal projects on the site.  Interiors, gardens, renovations, kitchens, organization suggestions, paint colors…you name it, they have it on Houzz.

The two best parts of the website are the Ideabooks and the discussion boards.

The Ideabooks have information ranging from how to transition from tile to hardwood flooring, to small DIY project instructions, to articles on famous buildings, architects, and architectural treasures.  (Check out their current article on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House in Buffalo, NY– a great restoration project!)


On the discussion boards you can get great answers.  The key to the website is the designers and architects of the spaces have posted the articles and pictures themselves.  If you want to know what material they used, where to find a piece of furniture, or what paint color is on the walls, you simply have to ask in the discussion below the image. I’ve even seen an architect post a link to a sketched detail of a shelving unit they designed for a space so a website user could re-create it in their own space.

The next time you are at a loss for inspiration, check out Houzz.  It will definitely fire up your creative juices!