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Welcome to MKSD: Kathy Gowka-Weiss

I’m very happy to have been brought back to MKSD, subsequent to a brief period working here in the Spring of 2012.  Everyone has welcomed me back wonderfully, and I’m looking forward to helping out in project specifications and the overall quality of construction drawings.  I’ve had many years of experience in project management and have been involved in numerous projects in the Lehigh Valley.

A long time ago, in a far-away place, I received my M. Arch. from Rice University, following my B.Arts (architecture major) at the University of Pennsylvania.  When hand drafting was replaced by Computer-Aided-Drafting, I was apprehensive at first.  But now I love it!  I worked first with AutoCAD10, and then DataCAD for many years at my previous job, and now I’m learning the basics of Revit, which is great for its parametrics and has some amazing 3-D capabilities. 

Other than architecture, I enjoy amateur astronomy and all kinds of museums, but I also cherish the preciousness of our natural world.

KG-W portrait