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Welcome Back Blog & What I Have Learned

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The MKSD team is excited to announce that our Employee Blog is making its return to the World Wide Web beginning this February!

The team has chosen me to undertake the assignment of the gathering and posting of our blogs this year; coincidentally, I am also making a happy return to MKSD… For the last year, I was employed by a contract furniture dealership; though most of my time was spent as a designer for Facilities department in a large local corporate office.  As a designer, I was naturally thrilled by the idea of a new challenge.  And as an architect, there is no better way to understand the concerns and desires of a Facilities client than to put oneself in that position.  (And wow, I learned a lot!)

Facilities Management is its own engine inside a company’s train.  Often faced with difficult terrain and no time to slow down, this group is always rolling at top speed down the tracks to reach the destination with safe & happy passengers.

Though I am sure each organization has unique challenges and diverse personnel, the goals are most likely very similar.  It is important to recognize the biggest concerns for a Facilities team:

I have learned so much in just a year, and I’m ready to utilize my experience now that I have returned to architectural design.  It is encouraging to again work for MKSD, since I know this staff has worked hard to build such a great rapport with our Facilities (and all) clients.  I am looking forward to new projects and professional growth… and I hope our clients are too!