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MKSD Teams Compete in VIA Marathon Relay

On September 11th, MKSD had TWO teams participate in the VIA Marathon Relay- Quick Draw II and Running with Pencils. This was MKSD’s second year participating in the Lehigh Valley Health Network hosted marathon which raises money for Via of the Lehigh Valley’s services for children and adults with disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome.  To prepare for the race, the team had Wednesday night “Boot Camps” but are considering starting training now for next year so they can be on the winner’s podium!

A little background on this year’s race from our race reporter, Karen Sander:

 Q: What did you think of the course?

Nick: The course was nice – same as last year except for the adjustments due to flooding.  AND it wasn’t pouring rain (like last year) so that was great!!

Kim: I enjoyed seeing the Lehigh Valley from my everyday view

John: 5th leg detour was unfortunate but provided an often missed ‘opportunity’ to see Easton’s South Side neighborhood and hills.

Silvia: Beautiful, flat, (except for SOME sections!) toe path is easy on the legs and knees. Nice and shaded in my section, great views!

Alicia: My leg of the race was the BEST!! I was in the shade along the river looking across to the beautiful Steel for most of the run – The views kept me going!!


Q: What was the most interesting thing you saw all day?

Nick: Most interesting was that each MKSD pair finished pretty much at the same time on each leg!  Oh, and John running in the opposite direction on the course after Christian tagged him!

Kim: John running atop a 42” high railroad embankment along the last leg.

John: The red dress running with men’s nipples team

Silvia: I just love seeing so many people we know having a great time running the race. Especially the many people you never knew were runners. It gives you a true view of the network of friends throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Alicia: The plethora of bagels waiting for runners at the end of the race.


Q: Did the course re-routing make your leg a lot more difficult than you expected?

Nick: Yes – 1st leg included A LOT more hills!  Much harder than the planned route in the Parkway

Kim:  I ran on a similar level path to train, so re-routing me onto a hard surface with a huge, long hill had me walking more than I wanted to.

John: Yea…….approximately 150-ft elevation rise

Silvia: I was a lucky one with a very flat section that didn’t change. My friend Rick Holtzman from the Allentown Parks Department made sure my section was nice and cleaned up for me after the storms. Thanks Rick! Didn’t trip on any branches or step in any puddles!


Q: Will you do it again next year?

Nick: Yes I’d do it again next year.

Kim: Yes, the last leg! Not sure I want to run more than 4 miles!

John: Sure – I need a goal to get me to run past the refrigerator

Silvia: Yes and I will be scouting for a THIRD MKSD team….


Q: Did running against a co-worker motivate you to run faster?

Kim:  Running WITH John made my day! I actually ran my fastest 5k because his antics kept me laughing and moving!

John: Hmm? Heck yea……. and sometimes backwards and sideways and on a railroad retaining wall!

Silvia: Karen, AKA the Gazelle, flew past me on the 6.6 leg. She asked me not to fire her as she past me, since she left me in the dust. I ran fast, but knew I would never catch Karen.


Additional Quotes:

Kim: I loved the camaraderie our teams displayed!  Much more fun to have a team of 10 than 2 teams of 5 each!

Silvia: Many of our team members have never run much before this race. I am really impressed by their commitment to not letting the team down. Everyone did a great job and had fun. Just like everything else in life, team effort wins the game. We may not individually be able to run a marathon, but we can run one together!