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Two Architects Take on the St. Luke’s Half Marathon

On May 1st two MKSD partners, Silvia Hoffman & Jill Hewes, ran in the St. Luke’s Half Marathon in through Allentown’s beautiful parks. This was Silvia’s second time participating but the first time for Jill! Silvia is an avid runner and has been quite convincing in getting other MKSD staff to join her. Last year it was the VIA relay marathon team and this year she used her skills of persuasion on Jill to do the half marathon with her. All of us at MKSD are very proud of Jill and Silvia. Keep up the good work!

Here are a few thoughts on the end of the race by Silvia:

“The last few miles are tough, physically and emotionally, but somehow you keep in motion, focusing on finishing. Near the end the encouragement from the spectators is sometime the only thing that keeps you moving. They came to see you run, so you don’t want to let them down. Across Hamilton street and through Cedar Beach, in the home stretch you just want it to be over. From the side of the road you hear: “You’re almost there” “Come on, you can do it!” The stadium is in sight, just left around the bend….but before you enter, an excruciating incline lies ahead of you, as if the road is testing you one last time, to see if you are truly worthy of the accomplishment. You make a final effort, head down and up the hill …. feet finally hit the red spongy track, now I know I’m in the clear….I see the finish line and my spirit and legs are refreshed if only for a moment. I give it everything I have to get through the finish line sprinting. I see the smiling faces of volunteers holding out the medals. The second my foot crosses the threshold and I am overwhelmed with pure relief, satisfaction, joy. I made it. I did it.

Today, take the opportunity to say “you can do it.” You may be surprised at the result.”