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Our Favorite Architects- Part 1

We had so much fun with the blog we did on our first concerts at the beginning of the summer, we thought it would be entertaining to talk about our staff’s favorite architects. Here is the first blog in the series. Enjoy!

Alicia Mason

Carlo Scarpa is my favorite architect because I believe he is the master of detailing architecture materials into meaningful form.  I have visited some of his projects and small renovations in Italy and his style and material choice and the way that he details his work creates a specific spacial experience that is particular to each project.  One of my favorite, the Brion-Vega Cemetery/garden/sculpture, is his ode to the Italian couple and their marriage together.

Christian Didra

Tom Kundig is easily one of my favorite architects of residential space. I am captivated by his ability to instill a modern and “industrial” aesthetic into his designs, while maintaining human comfort and beauty within the natural serenity of Washington State’s beautiful landscape.  His designs for residences are an entourage of starkly contrasting materials – wood, concrete, and steel.  He emphasizes each to take advantage of the views and topography around it, and left unfinished to age naturally with the surrounding landscape.  Chicken Point Cabin on Lake Hayden in Idaho features a large window that opens via a wheel attached to a hand crank; in a few moments the entire main living space is open to the lake and the mountains.

Nick Hewes

My favorite architect tends to change from time to time.  The one that seems to stand out for me right now is Santiago Calatrava.  As an engineer AND an architect, he has the ability to design buildings and structures that seem very physically detailed and complex while also showcasing their forms as true pieces of art.  The “Auditorio de Tenerife” is one of my favorites – an auditorium & concert hall in Tenerife, Spain, made of large swooping concrete arches and located right on the water.