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Nick ‘the Natural’ Hewes- Project Architect

Nick joined the MKSD team in 2005 after six months of working for a Long Island firm in the high end residential market. Although he is a New Yorker at heart, he decided that he wanted to make the move to the Lehigh Valley for his now wife, Jill, and never looked back! No stranger to Pennsylvania, he graduated from Philadelphia University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2004. The desire to become an architect blossomed from his love of construction and design. Nick even built a two story tree house with his friends as a child.

Outside of work, Nick has one particularly interesting hobby…SCUBA! Although he is allergic to cold (legitimately, it’s genetic), Nick had decided that he wanted to swim with sharks after seeing the movie Jaws. His first opportunity arose on his honeymoon and he was hooked after that. He has tried to dive as much as he can when he travels and his ultimate goal is to swim with the Great White.

Things you may not know about Nick:

Favorite Professional Sports: 1. Football (Giants, duh); 2. Lacrosse; 3. Hockey (Rangers)

Non-work website you frequent:

Favorite Project: I recently renovated my basement and built a full working bar.