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MKSD Staff Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary in Style in NYC

nyc_group shot hudson

When the partners decided to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the firm with a staff outing, it was go big or go home!

With most of the trip’s itinerary a secret between the partners and a few people involved in planning, 15 members of the MKSD team, including our two summer interns, boarded a luxury coach and headed to the Big Apple. The trip to our destination went quickly as we were entertained by some choice selections from our music collections on our phones and a fun game of “Heads Up.”

Our first stop was the Freedom Tower and a trip in the “sky pod” elevators to the newly opened One Observatory to look out over the city. It was a beautiful day and the view was breathtaking as you could see for miles.

nyc_observation tower

After a brief stroll around the reflecting pools where the Twin Towers once stood, we headed across the way for a tasty lunch at PJ Clarke’s On the Hudson¬†and enjoyed eating “the best tots in town” just a few yards away from some pretty sweet yachts.

nyc_pjs on hudson

We then loaded back on the luxury coach and made our way to Times Square. The traffic was typical Manhattan, so it gave us the chance to appreciate some of the sights on the way. The staff at the Swatch Store was awaiting our arrival and had some delicious tiny cupcakes and bottles of water for us. To commemorate the 10 year anniversary we were each treated to the Swatch of our choice. Everyone picked out a different one and it was amazing how each one matched the personality of the person who chose it!


It was back on the bus then for a trip to the Highline Park. We entered at the 30th Street entrance because there was a art installation there by Olafur Eliasson called The Collectivity Project. It is an interactive display of buildings built with white legos where everyone is welcome to jump in and build their own structures.

nyc_lego installation

From there, we walked the Highline to where it ends at The Standard Hotel. Although we were not able to enjoy cocktails at the Standard’s popular rooftop bar, there was an ‘invite only” event going on apparently, we returned to street level and had drinks (but unfortunately no sliders) at a nice place nearby.

After a great day in the city, we loaded one more time onto the luxury coach for the ride home. Everyone had a lot of fun and it was a great way to celebrate such a milestone.