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MKSD Relay Marathon Team 2014

via group photo

Congrats to the MKSD architects relay team in running the Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon this past Sunday, September 7th!  Team Meis Van Der Run (affectionately named after the Modernist architect & designer Ludwig Meis Van Der Rohe) was comprised of Silvia, Christian, Julian, Alicia, and Jill, who each conquered 1 leg of the 26.2 mile run, starting at LVHN Cedar Crest and ending on Larry Holmes Drive in Easton. Below, Silvia thanked the group for their personal individual commitments:

Thanks to Alicia for setting it all up and not letting anyone quit and running the second longest leg with a smile!

To Christian for subbing for Todd at the last minute (rather than spending a lazy Sunday morning in bed, which I know you wanted to do) and beating his last time.

To Jill for surviving the last leg in the blaring noon sun and not quitting (even after not running in 96 weeks) and then carrying the twins afterward.

And lastly Julian, aka ‘the stealth speed demon’ for helping our time with his phenomenal 7 minute miles. He almost beat us to the next exchange point! Who knew?? By the way he’s looking for a 1/2 marathon training partner.

We also can’t forget Thom and Nick (who even dressed the boys in orange!!) who schlepped the kids around the entire Lehigh Valley (think: “I’m  tired, I’m Hungry, I’m cold, I’m hot, I have to go to the bathroom, do we have snacks? My legs hurt, can you carry me? Are we almost there?” For 4 hours) to cheer on the team! Thank you, Dads!

We didn’t have the best time but I would chose this team any day!  You guys are awesome.” -Silvia

The team also wants to thank Silvia for being a constant source of encouragement & support.  Events like the relay marathon strengthen us as a team in-and-outside of the office! Thank you, Silvia!


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Our team name’s inspiration… We doubt that Ludwig would have been caught running a marathon, but the pun team name was a great way to meet other modern architecture fans on the course! Meis van der Rohe was a member and later director of the Bauhaus design school, and is most famous for the Barcelona Pavilion, Barcelona chair, the Farnsworth House, and the Illinois Institure of Technology’s Crown Hall.

via tshirt

You can see the plan view of the Barcelona Pavilion’s column on the back of our race day shirts… along with Meis van der Rohe’s popularized quote “Less is more”.

via swag

Please support your local Via Thrift Store & run with us next year!