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MKSD Needs Your Help with CANstruction 2017

This October will be the Lehigh Valley’s 3rd Annual CANstruction Event, where teams of builders, engineers, construction industry leaders, and local design students will build structures made entirely out of food cans, and put them on display in the Lehigh Valley Mall. Each of these CANstructures will include between 4,000-8,000 cans of food, ALL of which will be donated to the Second Harvest of the Lehigh Valley, upon completion of the event! As well as showcasing our design & build skills, we anticipate that this event will gather upwards of 40,000 cans for donation to Second Harvest!

MKSD is – for the third year in a row – very excited to announce that we are participating in this year’s Lehigh Valley CANstruction Competition!This year we are merging our team with Interior Workplace Solutions, which will make our team bigger and stronger and can-structing quicker!

The guidelines and rules of CANstruction restrict us to using specific colors of can labels that relate to our design (that we cannot forge or change, since they will be donated later). We have a 10-foot by 10-foot cube of space to work in – so these CANstructures will be BIG! The theme this year is “COMIC-CAN Comic Book Edition” – teams are encouraged to build CANsculptures of our favorite comic book characters!

(We are still working on our concept, but we can say for sure that we have a spidey-sense for what it will be!)

Last year, we won the People’s Choice award with our tribute to C.F. Martin Guitar, pictured below, which took over 3,000 cans of food to construct! At the first CANstruction in 2015, MKSD won the Honorable Mention for our ghost family – built with over 4,000 cans and complete with glowing red eyes!

CANstruction 2016 MKSD People’s Choice Winner


CANstruction 2015 MKSD Honorable Mention


Here is where we need YOUR help: We are looking for donations to the MKSD/IWS team so that we can purchase the cans we require to complete our design and fulfill the future needs of the Second Harvest Food Bank! We anticipate that we will need to purchase around 6,000 cans, so any small amount will go far! Donations of $50 or more will get your company’s logo or name on our CANstruction poster, which will be on display at the Lehigh Valley Mall for the entire duration of the event (from October 6 to October 20, 2017)!

Click on this link to visit our Indiegogo page and make your donation today!

Thank you for supporting MKSD and IWS… and please help us raise some CANS for this great cause and fantastic event!!