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MKSD 2013 Resolutions & Career Goals

Happy New Year 2013

This week, the MKSD staff was asked to share their New Year’s resolutions (if they lasted through January) and career goals for 2013! These are our ambitions…

Silvia Hoffman … is planning to be consistent with eating healthy and exercising this year, taking vitamins & drinking water. She wants to laugh a little more & enjoy life a little more, as well as practicing patience with herself and others. She also mentioned that she is trying to “slow down”, but we all know that will be challenging! Her career goals include passing the American Council of Healthcare Architects exam. Good Luck, Silvia!

Todd Chambers … would like to keep himself from being distracted by online social networking and spend more time with his children.

Nick Hewes … will be house hunting this year! Nick and his wife, Jill, are looking for a larger home for their family since the arrival of their twin boys.

Jill Hewes … will try to get more sleep at night – when the twins are not waking up her and Nick!

Mel Doyle … is hoping to be LEED certified in 2013! Good luck, Mel! She will also be volunteering and working on furniture building projects at home between studying.

Kathy Gowka-Weiss … will eat healthier food & exercise more. She recently joined MKSD and is excited to be a productive worker and a great addition to our team!

Jess Klocek … is planning to take her final Architectural Registration Exam and become a licensed architect – Good Luck, Jess! She hopes to design great projects this year at MKSD… At home, she would like to take some relaxing “mommy” time at least once a week.

Jason Monroig … is excited to complete his degree from Drexel University in June of 2013. Congrats, Jason!

Christian Didra … would like to get more experience in the Construction Administration phase. He is also preparing to take at least two more ARE’s this year. Good luck, Christian!

Alicia Mason … will be jumping back into IDP and hopefully passing a few Registration exams this year! She also wants to teach herself how to tile walls & floors in her home!

Please comment if you have similar goals and can provide some advice… or can add one to our list!  Thanks for reading!