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Happy Valentine’s Day

When I saw I was writing the Valentine’s Day love blog, I thought “oh this should be easy, I’m in love, I have been for 13 years, he’s an architect at MKSD, what would be so hard”. Well, then I sat down to write it, nothing long, not super fancy, just whip up a few lines while my twins took their afternoon nap on this snowy day, and then it hit, I was stumped.  What was I going to write about (that was not too sappy for everyone to read)?

Of course I started by googling love and architecture to see what building were inspired by large gestures from the heart, maybe make a top 10 list. Probably, most famously the Taj Mahal, the emperor of the Mughal Empire lost his wife during child birth and created the beautiful architecture as the most magnificent mausoleum over her grave. However, as I continued to research the topic, I found many of these buildings were created not for love but a tragic love, and that was not the direction I wanted my happy blog about love to go.   Today’s about chocolates, flowers, champagne (jewelry – hint hint)!

taj mahal in morning

So then I just decided to keep it simple… less is more, right?!   (Well, not according to a funny architecture play on words from archdaily “My love for you isn’t less, it’s more”.  Use that in your card, my architecture friends and co-workers!)

Every day, we should (we sometimes we do not for whatever the reason) remember to give someone a smile, a kiss on the cheek, or just a simple hug!   We can all use a little love each day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from MKSD!