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13.141 Renovations to NCC Student Enrollment Center


Aug 12th, 2013

Job Status: Closed


Sealed bids for the Renovations to Student Enrollment Center at Main Campus, Northampton Community College, will be received at Kopecek Hall, Third floor Purchasing Dept, 3835 Green Pond Road, Bethlehem, PA 18020, to the attention of Jason Laubach, until 2:00 P.M., prevailing time August 26, 2013. The bids will be publicly opened and read aloud immediately following the receipt of bids in the Finance Office in Kopecek Hall.

Sealed bids will be received for the following contracts:

Single Prime Contract #13.141 Renovations to Student Enrollment Center at Main Campus – Northampton Community College

Bidders of record may obtain one set of bidding documents from MKSD, LLC. on August 12, 2013 by visiting the architect’s website To be recognized as a valid bidder, bid documents for this project (including any specifications and drawings) must be purchased and downloaded from the Architects website at Due to the possible inaccuracies in documents procured from other sources, and the potential for an incomplete understanding of the project scope of work, bids submitted by firms who procure these documents from any other source but the authorized source will be considered non-responsive and will be rejected. Deposit: Non-refundable $150.00

Project Description: Project consists of interior renovations to the existing Student Enrollment Center to create a custom millwork information desk with eight workspaces around the perimeter, five new private offices, conference room, and student computer kiosk. The existing transaction counters will be removed and replaced with new transaction windows including a handicap accessible window. The interior renovation includes upgrades to the finishes, including new carpet and tile flooring, paint, new ceilings, and new casework. Also included are mechanical, electrical, and lighting upgrades for the renovated spaces.

The following information shall be furnished by bidders when requesting bidding documents:

a. Contract to be bid.
b. Bidder’s mailing address.
c. Name of Bidder’s representative.
d. Bidder’s telephone number.
e. Bidder’s facsimile number.
f. Bidder’s email address

Each bid shall be accompanied by bid security in an amount equal to 10% of the base bid amount in the form of a bid bond as described in the supplementary instruction to bidders.

A Performance Bond and a Payment Bond in the forms provided in the Project Manual, each in an amount equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the amount of the contract, and each with satisfactory corporate surety, shall be required to be furnished by the successful Bidders prior to execution of the contracts. IMPORTANT: Surety companies executing BONDS must appear on the Treasury Department’s most current list (Circular 570 as amended) and must be authorized to transact business in the state where the PROJECT is located.

Bids may not be modified, withdrawn or concealed by the Bidder for sixty calendar (60) days following the actual date of opening thereof, except as provided in Act No.4 (1974). However, if award of contract is delayed by the required approval of another government agency, the sale of bonds or the award of grants or grant, the Bids may not be withdrawn by the Bidder for a period not to exceed 120 days from the date of bid opening in accordance with Pennsylvania law.

The Owner reserves the right in its discretion to reject any or all bids or parts thereof and to waive any irregularities, informalities, defects, errors or omissions in any bid.

There is a mandatory pre-bid meeting on August 14, 2013 at 2:00pm in the Kopecek Hall, Room 304 with a walk thru of the site after the meeting.

This project is subject to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Labor and Industry’s Prevailing Wage Determination or the Davis-Bacon Act as amended (40 USC276a to 276a-7).

Date of Advertisement

August 12, 2013

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  • Price: $150.00
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