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Posts Written By: Todd Chambers

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Movies for Architects

Hollywood has it all figured out. Where else can you let your imagination run as wild with the creation of unbelievably fascinating constructs and environments? Some of my favorite examples are below, from my personal experience of course. Feel free ...

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MKSD architects is adding to our team!

We are looking for an experienced, part-time (10-20 hours per week, flexible) Bookkeeper who is highly organized, has a desire to learn, is detail oriented, understands confidentiality, and has experience working in a small business setting in all a...

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BYO (Bring Your Own) Adaptive Re-Use

You’ve seen them many times, those anonymous corrugated steel boxes riding around on trucks, trains, and ships.  You may have been lucky enough to witness them at rest in a shipyard, stacked like blocks in a Tetris like collage of colors.  Ma...

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All You Never Wanted to Know About Bathrooms

It may come as a surprise that bathrooms are among the spaces with the highest concentration of building and accessibility mandated requirements. Today's bathrooms must be designed to serve not only common people, but also persons facing physical ch...

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The NCC Monroe Campus is moving right along!

The NCC Monroe Campus is moving along! The exterior envelope of the first building, nicknamed the Enrollment building by the project team, is coming together nicely. This view is of the main entrance from the parking lot side of the campus. ...

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MKSD Office Renovations

MKSD has recently completed a minor renovation to our offices!  To create a more open office environment, we demolished an unused office space and created a new meeting area. The new space fosters more open communication within our studio and betwee...

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An Architect in Vegas

I wasn’t surprised to see slot machines almost immediately after stepping off the plane at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Nor was I ever less than completely satisfied with the dining, nightlife, or our free upgrade to a penthouse su...

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MKSD Announces Promotion for Project Designers

MKSD announces two staff members promoted to full time Project Designers: Christian Didra and Karen Sander. As a talented and enthusiastic designer, Christian’s desk is occupied with endless fragments of sketch paper and pinned-up three dimensio...

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