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Adventures of an Architect – Episode 2: Treehouses & LEGOs®

While it may not be glaringly evident as an “adventure”, I’m sure any parent would agree that having children can certainly be an incredible one!   Just recently my wife gave birth to twin boys, and from that moment on my mind (and heart) have been racing more than when I went skydiving!  Along with the ever-present thought of “Why hasn’t the hospital given us the ‘Instructions on How to Raise your Children’ booklet yet?’, my head has also been swirling with excitement knowing that I get to bring these two lil’ guys with me to enjoy my various hobbies and adventures!  Obviously, the newborns won’t be diving with Caribbean Reef Sharks or going Hang Gliding in the Appalachian Mountains anytime soon… but it sure is fun knowing that they CAN one day!  (and they will! Shhhh – don’t their mom… she’ll worry!)

Granted, this IS an architectural blog, so I should probably include something in these posts relating to it.  As the title suggests and as many architects can relate – having children means that soon enough it’ll be time to break out my old Tub-O- LEGOs®! Who am I kidding – you don’t need to be young to enjoy LEGOs®… I’m sitting at my desk in my office and can see LEGO® models of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Robie House” and SOM’s “Willis Tower” (formerly “Sears Tower”) on two of my co-workers’ desks!  Those tiny blocks are such great toys/learning tools, and played a large role in shaping my desire to learn to be a designer.  Though they still have the same old-school stackable bricks we all remember from our childhood, LEGO® now offers some great new theme sets, which can get very intricate.  How can you NOT expect me to get my boys a Star Wars™ set?! Or even a LEGO® Ninja set?! I can already see myself enjoying these things just as much as they will! There should also be no problem with finding the various LEGO® pieces… I believe you can purchase individual blocks right off their website (or in a LEGO® store)!  The four of us are going to have a great time creating and designing with these timelessly fun building blocks.

Another activity that has me bursting with anticipation is being able to build a Treehouse for the boys to play in!! (Obviously this would require us to own property with more than just the few 5-year-old pine trees that we currently have… but don’t worry – it’ll happen eventually!)  I’ve always loved treehouses, and find myself perusing through books about them whenever I’m in a bookstore.  When I was younger, my friends and I built a 2-story treehouse, complete with zip-line access to the 2nd floor, as well as a pulley-system elevator (though that didn’t work too well).  We had high hopes to mimic something out of “Robin Hood-Prince of Thieves”… but there’s only so much a group of teenagers can accomplish!  I still can’t believe we didn’t hurt ourselves on that zip-line!  Looking through those books, it’s amazing to see the different treehouses people have created.  It’s going to be hard to wait until they are old enough to enjoy it, but watching them experience it is going to be worth it!  Having children gives me an excuse to think and act like a kid again… and I can’t wait!  They may not know it yet, but we are going to have so much fun together!

Have fun out there,


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