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1209 Hausman Road 2014 Renovations

Both MKSD architects and Boyle CM have been living and working through a few necessary building maintenance construction projects.

A complete roofing replacement in March made for an interesting work environment in an open ceiling studio, while bits of the gravel rained through the metal decking joints and cutting and drilling tools screeched overhead. Architects and construction managers from both sides of the building joined together to construct temporary tents, so we could continue working at our desks while the roofers were working hard above us.

Now that the snow has finally melted, a replacement of the parking lot has begun. Today, we enjoyed the view from our desks as huge chunks of asphalt were torn up and dropped in a dumpster to be recycled.

Living through some construction projects can often be inconvenient, but we are excited to have a fresh parking lot and know that the roof over our heads will protect us and support the functions of our building.

Future changes to our space are on the horizon, so check back soon for updates!


1209 Roof Project tarps 2

1209 Roof Project tarps 1

1209 Parking Lot 1

1209 Parking Lot 2